We are a curious ‘sargam’ (musical notes) of hearts continuously co-creating the beauty of appreciative living within and the world around us.

TAPIN's Birthday

Minds converged in 'Potentia'
Dreams shared in absentia
Seven petals bloomed essentia

Pregnant skies shower abundance
Sushma sends energy from distance
Founders inquire into substance

David,Suresh,Jane echoing
Sankar,Wasu,Harish, Ram becoming
Archana,Vasu,Vikram,Sanjay supporting

How,what,where,why and why nots
Define the path with t's and dots
Also including out of parking lots

Who will bell the 'aha; chats
Who will show the right dictats
Who will bowl for the opening bats

TAPIN is here not too late
100 'life' to meet in open space
When months fly to keep pace

All are welcome to make " NET"work
Listen to stories that make you perk
But when you are in cannot shirk


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